Friday, August 26, 2005

Review: Mr. King George - Tru Player

Artist :
Mr. King George
Album : Tru Player
Year : 1997
Label : Wrap/Me & Mine Entertainment

Most people would know King George from his work on Master P's No Limit Records and in particular from the original version of the group TRU . King George left No Limit on bad terms and went on to release "Life Of A Kingpin" on "Me & Mine Entertainment" in 1996 and a couple of "Playa's & Hustla's" compilations which featured artists such as Ice T and Klondike Kat. He also released other projects one of which was this album, "Tru Player".

On to the album its self, first of all it's disappointing that King George put 5 tracks from the album "Life Of A Kingpin" on this album, although there are 18 tracks on the album so it still leaves 13 new ones. King George has a distinctive voice, a typical rough southern flow, and in my opinion he was one of the best artists on the No Limit roster. This album however is a huge disappointment, too many shit choruses and even King George's rhymes are mediocre at times. Even the production leaves alot to be desired and on alot of the tracks the vocals are drowned out by the beats. There are some mad tracks on this album that are worth listening to if you're a fan of the old No Limit style. The highlight tracks for the album are "Jackin' Material", "One Day at a Time (Swoll Mix)" and "Drop The Bomb". As I've already said, all in all it is a disappointing release considering what King George is capable of but it's worth picking up if you see it cheap 2nd hand. On a final note, I reckon the cover is pretty sick, good job by the cover designers the "FPD Three".

King George - Jackin' Material

Rating: 2 Daytons out of 5

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