Sunday, August 28, 2005

Review: Criminal Nation - Release The Pressure

Artist : Criminal Nation
Album : Release The Pressure
Year : 1990
Label : Nastymix / Cold Rock

This is the debut album by the Tacoma duo MC Deff and DJ E (members of DCP) and it is their best album. It consists of 12 tracks, most of them are as crazy as your gonna get with mad beats and samples throughout. "Black Power Nation" is my least favourite track although is still pretty sick, Criminal Nation were formerly known as (AMW) America's Most Wanted although realising that there was a group from Oakland already called this (on Triad records) they changed their name to Criminal Nation. The hardest thing about reviewing this album is chosing my best tracks although "Insane", "I'm Rollin"," My Laboratory", "Release The Pressure", "Take No Prisoners" and "Criminal Hit" are all hardcore tracks. Besides the cover looking like a gangsta album and some of the track names looking the same it's definately not. If you don't own a copy of this yet I suggest you hit up ebay and get yourself one, surprisingly it goes pretty cheap.

Criminal Nation - Release The Pressure

5 Daytons out of 5