Sunday, August 21, 2005

Review: C-Major - Batteries Not Included

Artist : C-Major
Album : Batteries Not Included
Year : 2001
Label : Affiliated Entertainment

C-Major represents Houston,Texas and is one quarter of the hip hop group 'Gang Society' (with N-Sane/E-Sharp/Red Amp). This album has 18 tracks and this album features artists such as H.A.W.K. from the Screwed Up Click, Gang Society's E-Sharp and the self proclaimed "Nate Dogg of the South" Billy Cook. None of the 18 tracks are terrible but there are a few tracks I skip when I put the album on, tracks like "Bad Azz Habits" and "At Tha Bar" aren't really my style, mainly because of the irritating hooks. Apart from the couple of skippers the rest of the tracks on the album are good or better and C-Major is a respectable rapper with a unique voice that complements the albums production. For me, the stand out tracks are the car tracks "64 Hoppin'" (with Big Kirk & Bus) and "Pull Up" (with H.A.W.K.) as well as the more gangster tracks "Shoot Em Up" and "Scream 4 War" (with Endo). Over all this is a solid album but by no means a classic, if you're not into southern hip hop then the chances are you won't like C-Major's style.

C Major ft. H.A.W.K. - Pull Up
Rating: 3 Daytons out of 5

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