Monday, October 27, 2008

K Rino - The Blood Doctrine

Label: Black Book International
Release: November 18th

..:: Track Listing ::..
1. Intro (Opening Statement)
2. Too Far
3. The World
4. Look At Me Now
5. The Blood Doctrine
6. Forty-8 Lashes
7. The Debate
8. Never Come Down
9. Don't Like Mone
10. Aint Nothin' Changed
11. How Can I
12. Past Present Future
13. Long Lost Daddy
14. Gotta Get Better
15. Dominatin' The Game

Production By: Eddie 'Vibez' Thomas, K-Rino, Mike-B.,Muhammad 2g,Keyza Soze & Solomon...

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Never Come Down
Dominatin' The Game


Anonymous said...

this homie isnt even a lyricist. and it saddens me that people acknowledge him as one, just because his words are big in his raps doesnt mean hes a lyricist.. this nigga sucks. he nic picks out of dictionarys. and he sounds like a robot when saying that words he chooses from. anyone can grab words out the dictionary and rap about the hood. it doesnt mean hes a lyricist and it sure doesnt mean hes real..

Anonymous said...

That comment right there tells me that you haven't heard too much Rino..... If you'd know.

My sympathies go out to your ears.


Jerry said...

Yeah, what the hell he talkin' about. Well what is a lyricist then. Maybe you need to LOOK in the dictionary and read the definition. Anyway, where's your album/ work? Don't try to discredit another's work to others because you trippin' on yourself. God created all MC's equally different. So none will sound alike. I know you think you want them to but they won't. Quit trippin' homeboy!


Anonymous said...

damn you guys that don't acknowledge K-rino & the whole SPC is nuttin but bitchez you prolly like new york wanna be smart rappers or bling bling take a look at my flashy rims mc's or one of those "greats" that crossed over tracks with R & fucking B-raps gimme A to Z raps K-rino lyrically cappin you bitchazz mufuckaz peace nutty cee & R.I.P AC chill