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For those not familiar with Esham, he hails from Detroit and he dropped his first album on cassette, Esham's Boomin 'Words From Hell' in 1989/90 on Reel Life Productions (RLP) which was a label that was started by Esham and his older brother, James Smith (not the Rap-A-Lot CEO). The album was re-released on CD with a couple of tracks missing from the tape the OG tape is pretty much impossible to find anywhere, and if you do it's worth hundreds. Since he dropped the tape he's released 12 albums, 2 compilations, 4 E.P.'s, a 'Judgement Day' 5 disc box set, 2 collab albums (2 Of A Kind Killas & Soopa Villainz), 7 albums with his group 'Natas' and probably a heap of other shit that I don't know about as he's always dropping shit on the sly with over priced limited edition stuff getting released and snapped up by his die-hard fans that grab anything and everything he makes. He's meant to have another album dropping real soon.

This is just a very brief rundown on him, there's a lot to his story like his brother getting locked up not long after his career started that probably stunted Eshams career, he got out a little while back but I think he went back in not long after on parole violation. There's the whole Eminem beef that has been around for years, the Natas breakups and makeups, the signing to I.C.P.'s label before having a fallout with them..... man, there's always something going on with Esham. If you're not familiar with this guy's music grab the re-release to 'Boomin Words To Hell' and listen to originator of 'Acid Rap' unleash crazy rhymes and wierd lines and appreciate a rapper that has been out there for almost 20 years doing his own thing.

Somewhere along the line we got our hands on a bootleg styled relaese Esham put out there known as the 'Red Tape' that has a few rare tracks on it, we have put those tracks up for download along with a bonus vinyl only track called 'Crewzin Down 7 Mile' from the 'Boomin Words From Hell' wax (also appears on the rare 'Homey Dont Play' E.P. in '91. The vinyl has some tracks as the street versions and some as radio edits, this track is a radio version but luckily hasn't got too much swearing on it anyway.

Esham MP3's:
Crewzin Down 7 Mile ('Boomin' Words From Hell' Vinyl Only Track)
Don't Trip
Watcha Back


SKITZO said...

The UNHOLY man himself...

Bringin wicked shit to world..
An original style that has been underated for years....long before D-12 were rappin about raping old ladies....Esham was droppin trippy beats and insane lyrics that Detroit is famous for...with such a deep impact, it caused a few to suicide over his music...his Acid rap has a place in anybodies hardcore collection...always evolving over the years...even making a chart topper without selling out...

another great tribute to the slept on master of wicked shit

pimp said...

Kool Tracks!

I like "Word After Word" the best.

Anonymous said...

Can somebody describe me his beef with eminem? thoroughly? i heard he was fighting with eminem's people or something like that..

EMVEE1 said...

Eminem started out paying respect to Esham, even saying he himself was like a cross between Esham, Manson and Ozzy. Then, as far as I understand, Eminem dropped a line on one of his tracks that Esham took as a diss...the line went something like "I ain't 'Acid Rap' but I rap on acid".

After Esham had his say in numerous diss tracks, Esham was then booked to play at the Warped Tour alongside D12, some shit went down and by all accounts Esham got beat down by a whole bunch of dudes from the D12 crew....Funny thing is apparently Mastamind didn't see the incident as he was lining up for a hotdog HAHA!

Esham and Eminem/D12 had a running beef for a while but I read that he and Proof made up just before Proof was killed, and I can't recall Esham dissing Eminem in his past couple of albums so it might be water under the bridge- but since the last Natas album dropped without Mastamind I lost alot of interest in what's coming out from that way.

Hope that kind of answers your question.

Jonathan said...

I don't know where else to put this. I'm looking for a track that was on the OG NWA and the POsse album. It's by Rappinstine and the track is called Scream. It was replaced with A Bitch iz a Bitch on 2nd pressing. Anyone got the hook up hit me up or hook it up, PLease.


BULLANT said...

Man, I wish all requests were as easy to deliver on than this. It was put up on here a few months back and the link is still alive.
Copy and paste this....


For anyone else reading this, the archives listed on the right hand side of the page is filled with posts that still have the links alive. Alotta dope shit if I say so myself.


Anonymous said...

Thanks again!I'm glad I found this plaCE.

Kgb1ne9ne said...

Ay can someone reup the link. I been looking for that don't trip track. Thanx & peace.

Anonymous said...

re-up plz? thanks!

Indead said...

Yes please! Can we get a re-up?

Can't find those damn songs anywhere other than youtube, and that's not really the point..