Thursday, January 18, 2007

Mixtape Drama

This post is more just a filler to get us through the next few days as we've just got a new computer and are getting software etc all sorted out. Hopefully this will improve the quality of this blog as so far it's been running on an oldschool computer from around '99, running on WindowsME and incompatible with most programmes. When we get it sussed we'll be able to rip a heap of rare vinyl tracks that we've been itching to put on since we started (Afects did hook us up with a couple of dozen that he ripped off of Bullant's wax). We'll also be looking at uploading various bits of footage to youtube and posting them here.

As for the "Mixtape Drama" title, you've probably already heard that DJ Drama & DJ Cannon are in custody after their mixtape lab got raided and thousands of mixtapes along with computers and recording equiptment were seized. Instead of me rehashing a story that's already on other blogs I'll just link you up to Certified Hip Hop and especially the HoustonSoReal blog for more info as Matt Sonzala keeps updating the world with more info.

While we're on the topic of mixtape DJ's, here is the first bit of DVD footage we've ripped, it is a short segment of DJ Kansel's (BattleHoggs) set from the KB Da Kidnappa Oz Tour in August 2006. On the right side of the screen you can download a range of BattleHogg Mixtapes.


travis said...

Just got a new computer myself after using an old 99' HP Pavillion with ME for the longest time. Now if I can just internet again I'll be back in business.

System Rocker said...

Hey, I was wondering if you want to link exchange with I'm making a collection of good downloadsites and I hope you want to add the site. I've already added yours


BULLANT said...

Yeah, already done man.Always keen for the swapage.

Dment3d said...

I got you linked up on the new site, thanks again.

BULLANT said...

No probs, You got some nice shit on there.