Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Sick Wid It

In the mid 90's few hip hop labels were as dope as Sick Wid It, a label started by E-40 who after years of mixtape hustling on the streets of Vallejo similar to Too Short's Oakland hustle. Like Too Short, Jive were taking note and signed 40 and the Sick Wid It roster in a 3.5 million dollar deal and re-released 40's 'Federal', 'Mail Man' and The Click's 'Down And Dirty' before releasing all new material and albums by the label, although the O.G. versions are different and go for big bucks on the net. 'Sick Wid It' itself was formed after E-40 and his brother D-Shot, along with their cousin B-Legit, were in a group called Most Valuable Players. They then added Suga T (E-40 and D-Shot's sister) to the group and changed their name to 'The Click'.

Anyone that knows the Sick Wid It catalogue knows that you could put up at least a dozen tracks to showcase the skills this crew had. However, I'm only putting up 7 due to lazyness of not wanting to spend half a day waiting for the tracks to upload to zshare. Anyway, first up I put E-40 'Nuttin Ass Nigga' from 'Federal'. I could have put just about any track from the album on. but I think that's probably the best track on the album. Personally I think 40 has slightly lost it now he's with Lil' Jon, not saying he's sold out or he's wack, it's just he's not the same E-40 that came out with the 'Mail Man'. Maybe he's just matured as an artist and I can't let go of the memories of his early shit, who knows?

I put up a track by B-Legit (The Savage) off of his solo 'Tryin' To Get A Buck' called 'Way Too Vicious' which features E-40, the track is dope and so is the album cover of him and I think 40 bandanna'd up with a gat outside of a convenience store at night, simple but dope. I had to put a Celly Cel track up and although all his albums are crazy, I went straight for track 1 from 'Heat 4 Yo Azz' and upped the title track, fuckin' crazy.

One of SickWid It's best albums would have to be 'Have Heart, Have Money' by The Mossie. This album, like all the Sick-Wid It albums has excellent production and good features, such as 187 Fac on the closing track. It's hard to find a bad track on the Mossie's album, I put up 'This And That' featuring Mr Malik. In 1996 Sick Wid It dropped the Mac Shawn led Funk Mobb album 'It Aint 4-Play', a funky album from start to finish that consists of G-Note, KI and of coarse Mac Shawn but also features B Legit and Little Bruce. I put up the closing track 'Mr Bubble'.

To end this post I've got Little Bruce's 'Fuck Little Bruce' from his Xxxtra Manish album and 'Land Of Fonk' from Playaz Tryna Strive (P.T.S.) from '96. All in all, SickWid It is an impossible label to diss if you're into that 90's funky bay gangsta sound, I personally love that shit, There are so many more dope tracks that could have been put up but thats all for now, I hope you enjoy these ones.

E-40 - Nuttin Ass Nigga
B Legit ft E-40 - Way Too Vicious
Celly Cel - Heat 4 Yo Azz
The Mossie - This And That
Funk Mobb - Mr Bubble
Little Bruce - Fuck Little Bruce
Playaz Tryna Strive- Land Of Fonk

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