Friday, September 01, 2006

Tha Alkaholiks @ The German Club

Tha Alkaholiks
Friday 1st September 2006
@ The German Club

Tha Liks put on a show last night at the German Club in Adelaide, Australia. E-Swift, J-Ro and Tash put alot into the show doing tracks from their catalogue way back to shit off of '21 & Over', all in all it was pretty sick.


travis said...

Saw them eight years ago and they put on a pretty good show. Mised them when they rolled through here last Oct. Despite the last two albums being rather medicore, they'll still always be one of my favorites.

BULLANT said...

That last one, 'Fire Water' is pretty bad. A couple of good tracks wrapped up in shit.

The show was pretty dope though although hate it when they throw out some R.I.P.'s and forget someone so important to hip hop from their own neck of the woods.


Wouldn't have happened if King T rolled through with them.