Monday, April 24, 2006

R.I.P. DJ Train

Rest In Peace

DJ Train

Real Name: Unknown
Hailing From: Compton, C.A.
Born: Unknown
Died: July 1994
Cause of Death: Smoke inhalation. He died in a house fire trying to save his son who was already rescued by his mother.

DJ Train was a long time high school friend of MC Ren, He scratched for JJ Fad, CPO and MC Ren. Unfortunately he never got the respect he deserved and even now it is almost impossible to find out any information or pictures of the legendary DJ from the CPT, I even had to edit the CPO cover to put the logo up because I couldn't find a pic anywhere.

Edit: Added photo (26/12/11)

CPO - Homicide


Tommy B. said...

whoa! I had no idea that he had died. At least he didnt die as a victim of senseless violence.


Anonymous said...

I asked MC Ren about TJ Train once he said that they met in high school they would play craps in shop class. When NWA jumped off he told Eazy to have Train DJ for JJ Fad. Train is also featured on the NWA & THE POSSE album cover. In 1992 Train converted to Islam and influenced Ren to do the same. Train can be seen in the Final Frontier and Same Ol' Sh#t music videos. -djrun

BULLANT said...

Thanks for the info on Train.

Anonymous said...

i got pics homie hit me up

gphigrg2000 said...

Here's a pic of DJ Train: PEACE!!!

EMVEE said...

Just added that photo in, cheers for that.

Anonymous said...

People always ask me (Jessie Calles a.k.a. DJ Point Blank) where I learned how to mix and scratch... I always say just lots of practice and dedication, because if I told them my true story they would call me bullsh**t... Train is the person who taught me how to scratch at the age of 15. I met Train through "Gangsta Boogie" and "D-Low"
, 2 homies that I shared an apartment with in downtown Long Beach Blvd. It was crazy
, it was me from (Barrio Small Town 4th Street) and my 2 homies Gangsta and D-Low (Insane Crip Gang) Members living together hustling the streets and back alley with rock. We met Snoop many years before he became a famous rapper, and we bought "Double-Ups" twice from him when our connection would be out of rock. Lifes' a trip... Anyway, I would go up Long Beach Blvd to Train's house as soon as you enter Compton. He taught me how to scratch and record on a 4 track. Through him I met Eazy at a show in Vegas that he invited me to attend. He played with JJ fad that night at the Thomas and Mac Center. That would be the last time I ever saw Train alive. I went on to become a tour DJ for the mexican rap AKWID. and ghostwriter, beatmaker, and producer for Underground Maniatikas I now produce mexican bands, and run a club in Arizona... But I never forget where Im from or the peeps that was there for me since early on... You can catch me spinning @ Oceans Seven in Scottsdale, I recently had a stint at the Vegas Hotel, also Laughlin and Casinos in Arizona...

Unknown said...

I know Sean Lars, the DJ TRAIN's son. Sean told me about this story when he came to México. What a sad story, because his father DJ TRAIN lost his life saving him.