Saturday, April 01, 2006

C.O.P.S On The Beat... Down

C.O.P.S On The Beat... Down
(Streets On Beats Vol. 3)

Here is a compilation of tracks I put together along with front and back cover art (click to enlarge). All these tracks are obviously about the boys in blue and obviously I could have chosen another couple of hundred tracks that could have made it, but these are amongst the first 10 that came to mind and some of my favourites.

1. NWA - Fuck The Police
2. Geto Boys - Crooked Officer
3. Success N Effect - Fuck 1 Time
4. Insane Poetry - Mr. Swine
5. Paris - Coffee, Donuts And Death
6. Body Count - Cop Killer
7. Convicted Felons - Bad Boys
8. Sir Mix A Lot - One Time's Got No Case
9. South Central Cartel - Conspiracy
10. Mac Dre - Punk Police


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rexisaplace said...

cool shit...dope compilation and dope site overall...i've been sleepin. keep it up.