Friday, March 17, 2006

Battle On Wax: Random Disses 2

Awesome Dre - This track is off of legendary Detroit rapper Awesome Dre's first of two albums, 'You Can't Hold Me Back' and to be honest this diss is a complete mystery to me. Dre disses the legendary Kool Moe Dee with a parody hook of Moe Dee's 'How Ya Like Me Now'. I'd love to know the reason for this track, but regardless of that the track is mad and has some pretty funny lines in it. Off the topic, but I heard an interview with Violent J off I.C.P. where he says that Dre was his idol and one day took him to a I.C.P. show where all the crowd dissed Dre. Fuck knows why, Awesome Dre is the shit.

Gangsta Dre'sta - Gangsta Dre'sta took a huge offense to the fact that they tried reforming N.W.A. with Snoop taking Eazy's spot in the notorious group. Dre'sta disses all the members of the the group and he even goes at Tomica Wright for allowing it to happen. This is a sick track with lyrics that had to be said. I just hope he doesn't turn around and record a track with them, like he did with Nate Dogg after dissing him and chasing him around a golf course. For anyone who doesn't know who Dre'sta is just check out one of the smoothest gangsta albums ever recorded, B.G. Knocc out and Dre'sta''s 'Real Brothers' album on Def Jam/Outburst records.

Gangsta Pat - This is one of those straight to the point disses I love, not one of those undercover disses alotta rappers do so they can act hard to their crew for dissin' someone without the repercussions of a reply track or some out of the studio confrontations. In this track the legendary Memphis rapper disses Three 6 Mafia for dissing him in a Murder Dog interview. He also mentions how they came up by dissing Bone Thugs 'n' Harmony on the 'Live By Yo Rep' E.P. and then has Krazy Bone featuring on their album, anyway it's all spelt out in the track. By the way, you gotta love the diss on the cover, kind of like Big Mike's 'Hard To Hit' with the chopper blowing up Master P's tank.

Shorty - Lench Mob member, Shorty, dished out this diss to his former C.E.O. on Street Knowledge, Ice Cube. Various reasons on why he disses the serial ganker (like how fake he is) but the main reason is because Cube still owes Da Lench Mob some funds for their previous albums (according to Shorty). This track could have been so much better given the skills Shorty has shown on other tracks but, overall it's still alright. Here's a link to a previous post we did that included a Shorty interview for Bomb magazine dissing Cube.

Benzino - Former member of The Almighty R.S.O. and Made Men, Ray Benzino (Source Magazine) got in a battle with Eminem over numerous shit. It got even more heated when Benzino got his hands on those old Eminem tracks dissing black women and released excerpts from the 'mixtape' tracks with their magazine. Eminem tried suing Benzino and Dave Mays (The Source) for releasing it. It went to trial and I think they settled out of court? Anyway I was never really that interested in what happened between them however I have a handfull of tracks Benzino did dissing Eminem and this is one of them. It's from a mixtape rapped over Eminem's 'Lose Yourself' beat with a similar hook.

Awesome Dre - I Don't Like You
Gangsta Dre'sta - Fuck NWA
Gangsta Pat - Tear Yo Club Down
Shorty of Da Lench Mob - O'Sheas Great Adventures
Benzino - Lose Yourself

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