Friday, February 17, 2006

Tribute To The Pimp

One of the things I love when listening to hip hop is a dope tribute track. I'm very aware on how much a lot of people hate 'em, thinking they're just a cheap bite and I admit some of them are but when you have an artist like Thirstin Howl putting out 'O.G. Stripes' parts 1,2 and 3 all about the hip hop he grew up listening to or David Banner's west coast dedication track 'West Side' along with dozens of others they're just an artist giving respect to the artist that inspired them to grab the mic, and I love 'em.

I put an Eazy E one up a while a go and recently a Run DMC one so now I decided to chuck one on dedicated to the Oakland mack Sir Too $hort. He's not everyones type of rapper but his innovation of slangin' tapes to anyone and everyone on the back of busses and on the corner has definately been immitated by many since including the South Park Mexican who used to have his tape in a walkman hanging around car show exits and toilets with a try before you buy system.

Ever since $hort and fellow high-school rapper Freddy B started making tapes, $horts career got bigger and bigger. He hooked up with 75 Girls and released a couple of tapes before signing a contract with Jive. He retired to pimp some more cash from his label before recording a few more albums. He's recorded mega amounts of tracks on heaps of albums although his first five or six are alot better than his later material, he started the Dangerous Crew (Spice 1,Ant Banks,Goldie etc) and his own record label. Not too many rappers have had a career as long and as successful as Todd Shaw A.K.A. Too $hort, the Oakland Vet who moved to Atlanta about ten years ago around the time he and fellow Oakland rappers the Luniz had beef both on tracks and at Summer Jam on stage where former $hort friend and Luniz manager Chris Hicks got smacked by some of $horts crew. The beef has since been squashed and they even recorded a track together.

To cut a long story short, Too $hort is a Bay legend and here is a classic $hort track as well as a few tracks by various artists from various parts of America paying tribute to $horty the PIMP!!!

Don't Stop Rappin' (75 Girls)
Players And Raw (75 Girls)
Uncut And X-Rated (75 Girls)
Life Is...Too Short (1988)
Born to Mack (1989)
Short Dog's in the House (1990)
Shorty the Pimp (1992)
Get in Where You Fit In (1993)
Greatest Hits, Vol. 1: The Player Years, 1983-1988 (1993)
Cocktails (1995)
Gettin' It (Album Number Ten) (1996)
Can't Stay Away (1999)
You Nasty (2000)
Chase the Cat (2001)
What's My Favorite Word? (2002)
Married to the Game (2003)
Pimpin' Incorporated (2006)

Magazine article from "Rap Pages" March '94
(Click Images Below To Enlarge)

Too $hort - I Ain't Trippin'
Nemesis - I Need A Freak
SPM Ft Baby Beesh & Mr Shadow - I Need A Sweet (RMX)
Little Bruce - Girl
Mitchy Slick - Kreepy Trails


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