Sunday, September 04, 2005

R.I.P. - Cougnut

Rest In Peace:

Real Name: Ranald Fields, Jr.
Hailing From: San Francisco, Califronia
Date Of Birth: January 11 1968
Date Of Death: September 4 2001
Cause Of Death: Car Crash, passenger in a 2002 Chevy Impala that lost control and flipped before taking the Northern Cali rapper's life. Rapper D-Mac also died in the crash

I.M.P. - Back In The Days (In-A-Minute) 1993
I.M.P. - Ill Mannered Playas (In-A-Minute) 1996

I.M.P. - Public Execution


Sara said...

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EMVEE1 said...

Thanks Sara.
Are you into hip hop or are you just tryna sell off some cheap gas to people in LA?

afects said...

Yo emvee1, do you or anybody else know if BACK IN THE DAYS was ever made on wax? as it's up there in my favourite disc's and I've never seen a copy on wax.

Bay Savage said...

This bay movement aint new nigga. Cougnut was one of the forefathers of Frisco rap. He layed the groundwork for all these new cats to do they thang today in 2006, way back in the late 80's baby. Niggas betta give respect to one of the folks that laced up all our boots way back then mane. They the real bay area shit. IMP, RBL, and 11/5 shit playboy. The niggas that started it all. Frisco reppin all day. The BAY WAY baby. The RIGHT WAY. RIP Cougnut and you know we gon keep it crackin for you out here in the Sucka Free, with a bleezy and a bottle of heem at all times. MUCH LOVE HOMIE.

Anonymous said...

Cougnut was the driver not the passenger. It's frustrating when people don't give the right information. It's an unfortunate situation and someone dear to me was killed in that crash too. But the fact of the matter is, if the driver had not been drinking and driving all three men would still be hear!

Ricardo Hall said...
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