Saturday, September 03, 2005

Review: Low G & Rasheed - WetBlack

Artist :
Low G & Rasheed
Album : WetBlack
Year : 2002
Label : Shut Em Down Records

Low G and Rasheed are two of the rappers from South Park Mexican's label Dope House Records, although this album is on Shut Em Down Records (which is associated with DHR ). Rasheed has been in the rap game for quite a few years now and has a number of releases under his belt, both on Lil Troy's label Short Stop and Dope House Records. Honduran rapper Low G hasn't got any solo albums out that I am aware of although he's got quite a few verses on other rappers albums and he's always pretty sick.

Rasheed and Low G are two rappers with completely different styles. Rasheed is known as the lyrical chainsaw because of the way he tears through tracks with his 100 mile per hour raps where as Low G is far more laid back and he crosses over between rapping in Spanish and English all the time. Low G has the bi-lingual rhyming (that Mellow Man Ace and Kid Frost made famous) down pat, even though I can't speak Spanish I never get tired of hearing Spanish rap - the flow is incredible.

As for the album itself, this is predominantly a Rasheed album with Low G only appearing on half the tracks. I don't think either Rasheed or Low G are at their best on this album. Their verses on other artists tracks (especially SPM's) are a bit better although this album is still pretty good on the whole. The majority of the production on this album is done by Nathan "Happy P" Perez. Happy P is one of the most under-rated producers in hip hop and again on this album, all his beats sound sick. This album has very few artists making guest appearances which is always a good sign. Coast from fellow Dope House group Twin Beredaz features on the track "Hold Me Down" and the track is one of my favourites off the album. My other favourite tracks on this album are "The Letter", "Que Onda", "Street Gangsta", "Mi Vida", "Bang" and "Dirty Third". The album has no bad tracks although Low G fails to reach the high standard he sets for himself on tracks like SPM's "El Jugador" and Rasheed has done better as well.

All in all this album is well worth buying, especially if you're into the Dope House/Shut Em Down sound, the album has been re-released for a limited time on the "Rap Classics" label so if you want to get it I'd order it ASAP. Also be on the lookout for Rasheed's new albums (he has a few in the works).

Wet Black - Street Gangsta

Rating: 3 and 1/2 Daytons out of 5


afects said...

These guy's are SICK!!!

TexasHeater said...

I think Low G and Rasheed are both underrated.