Friday, August 19, 2005

R.I.P. - Buffy The Human Beat Box

Rest In Peace:
Buffy the Human Beat Box (of the Fat Boys)

Real Name: Darren Robinson
Hailing From: Brooklyn, New York
Date Of Birth: June 10 1967
Date Of Death: December 10 1995 (Queens,New York)
Cause Of Death: Cardiac Arrest

Fat Boys (Sutra)
The Fat Boys Are Back! (Sutra)
Krush Groove (Original Soundtrack) (Warner Bros. )
Big & Beautiful (Sutra)
Crushin' (Tin Pan Apple/Polydor)
Disorderlies (Original Soundtrack) (Tin Pan Apple/Polydor)
The Best Part Of The Fat Boys (Sutra)
Coming Back Hard Again (Tin Pan Apple)
On And On (Tin Pan Apple/Mercury)
Mack Daddy (Emperor)
Best Of The Fat Boys: All Meat, No Filler (Rhino Records)

Fat Boys - Powerlord

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Anonymous said...

RIP Buffy. You are surely missed.